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Giving you best audio experience since 1999, Digital X Bangladesh is one of the revolutionary editions to modern audio industry. The brand has been solemnly committed to the R&D, Innovation, Manufacturing and accurate Assembling of advanced digital audio technology.

Our Story

With the richest technology from back home and perfect assembling in China Digital X proudly presents the first ever Bangladeshi brand providing the world class sound quality with the most customized products and impeccable audio solution. We have more than 100 models of different categories; Wired speaker, Bluetooth speaker, Sound Bars, Wired or Bluetooth headsets, Micro SD Card slot and FM connectivity which can offer fantastic experience of music to the users in their work or life at home or workplaces, even for outside activities, fulfilling everyone’s need and preferences.

The Cutting Edge design has made all the models even more spectacular, fitting into any space, any room. You can get a sleek or matte black design or even a wooden body sound speaker, the outstanding shaped speakers the keep the profile low and pump out big sound.

Digital X is one of the most accomplished audio system brands of Bangladesh available in the market right now with the least conceivable cost for marvelous sound quality.

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